Improve the level of urban modernization in Xining city is expected to cover the whole year of natur

The fifteenth Xining Municipal People’s Congress the fifth meeting of the government work report, 2014, Xining city will strengthen infrastructure construction, improve the city carrier function, improve the level of city modernization, and strive to achieve full coverage of urban natural gas. January 5th, the reporter interviewed on behalf of the work of the NPC, […]

Datong County, said the project does not meet environmental standards

days ago, Datong County issued "on the establishment of long-term mechanism of environmental protection work opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), established in Datong County will give priority to environmental protection, in the future, all without approval, environmental protection does not comply with national environmental laws and regulations and standards of the construction projects, […]

Open, fair and preferred Xining Education Bureau to determine the recruitment of teachers program th

In order to ensure the basic needs of teachers in the development of basic education in Xining, according to the relevant provisions of the office of the Qinghai Provincial Commission for the establishment of institutions, the development of the recruitment of teachers in 2007 to work program. The recruitment work from the beginning of March, […]

Huangzhong county live satellite household project progress

According to the Huangzhong County Radio and Television Bureau, Huangzhong County household project involving 74 thousand households, since the project started in September this year, the bureau sent 16 technical personnel with China Telecom Huangzhong branch 4 technical guidance group, respectively, to the County Township tour guide household equipment information entry and installation work. So […]

How to start their own business

funding is essential for entrepreneurs. But entrepreneurship is based on talent rather than funding. Even if you can successfully raise money, but want to make good use of these funds is very difficult. 1, a lot of talent, is also very easy to find, but the talent concentrated "Scholars scorn each other." situation together easily, […]

Adhere to the honest value pursuit of life to achieve personal clean — six on advancing the three s

"time, Lian Shengwei", self-discipline is the foundation of the party members and cadres, and the way for government, is also a basic requirement of the party and the people of the party members and cadres. Do good cadre three strict three real, we must first maintain self-discipline, to achieve personal "clean". with the development of […]

Environmental protection Qinghai environmental monitoring to achieve the three major changes

12 at 6 pm on the afternoon of the day, in the Qinghai ecological environment monitoring center, the day on duty Faye Wong sitting in front of the computer, is observing every monitoring point, and seriously do a record of. "One, two, three……" "You see, today the Ngoring sunny weather, has entered into the frozen […]

How to grasp the psychological needs of consumers in Chinese fast food

in fact, the investment of Chinese fast food is a good choice for investors, the market competition is very intense, when entrepreneurs face severe competition in the market, should correctly grasp the psychological needs of consumers. Next, we make an analysis on the psychological needs of consumers who want to invest in Chinese fast food […]