China new media entrepreneurship competition Strait held in Fuzhou

The format of the entrepreneurship competition emerge in an endless stream in life often carry out entrepreneurship contest, will also give some entrepreneurs to provide a good platform to display their own, recently, 2015 China new media business competition is in like a raging fire. 15 day, the 2015 China new media entrepreneurship contest in […]

Entrepreneurial community dark horse will be established in Tianjin branch

mentioned entrepreneurship, many entrepreneurs are full of ambition to go to the North Canton development. In fact, for young entrepreneurs, in a difficult market to seize the first-tier cities like heaven. May wish to put a little lower, there are a lot of ordinary second tier cities are not fully developed market waiting for you […]

From mustard brother turned company assets close to 30 million entrepreneurs

everyone’s entrepreneurial path is not smooth, rugged often. In December last year, the site has reported that Zhou Hua, a graduate student of Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics, eating pickled mustard for two months, earned the first pot of gold in life". As one of his entrepreneurial weekly living expenses of only 30 to […]