8 military sites are off for Bo eyeball what bombs dare to throw

some military website what rumors can be made, what "bomb" dare to throw "China Navy with a country in a sea battle" Navy "Obama read:" F-22 -10 fighters shot down not to utter a single word "China fully blocked a country: People’s Liberation Army shot in Pakistan"…… At first glance to be startled at these titles, but click into the wrong, the content can only make people oh".

data figure: the National Network Information Office Director Forum to promote the rule of law in cyberspace. read more

17 issues speak through the 2016 AR VR status

in early 2016, we are optimistic about the growth of the AR/VR market, more than a report predicts that within 10 years, AR and VR will generate tens of billions of dollars in revenue. But by the middle of this year, the slow growth of the entire market, people can not help but start to doubt. Even Fortune magazine published an article in July 5th that "VR doesn’t look like that". On the second day of the publication of the article, "Poké mon GO"; published within a month, this AR game 100 million downloads. read more

In addition to business platform competition eleven Ali how to play

is now the double eleven, Ali is no longer a solo. To Ali after the listing of the first and eleven double preparations for the eleven policy wildly beating gongs and drums, two other electronic business platform also gradually released.

[Jingdong: Asia one high-profile war]

high-profile declaration of War 11 double crazy red envelopes

Jingdong high-profile announced that it will start from November 1st, eleven days of double promotional activities for 12 days. In terms of commodity purchase, Jingdong proprietary products to take direct support for the quality of the brand to ensure quality; while in the third party platform, Jingdong settled from businesses, operations, sales, supervision and other aspects of the whole process of governance efforts. read more

The rapid development of dating sites find the money left on the male 3S lady

with the urban elder unmarried youth increased, "left male 3S lady" became popular, it also spawned a dating website and forum. Such as Jiayuan,,, cherished network dating site, a time to become single users sought goal.

, however, along with the rapid development of the marriage website, the problem has also become a hot topic of Internet users.


dating site liar identity authentication deposit problem

May 11th, is the largest China serious dating site called Jiayuan listed on NASDAQ in the United States, Chinese became the first US listed dating sites. At the same time, an article entitled "addressed to the Nasdaq, Jiayuan, Gong Haiyan, Gan Jianping’s" open letter circulated on the internet. read more

Warcry attack case verdict hackers were sentenced to

November 26th reports: according to play network president Li Xueling said, $8 million of financing of Shanghai Qin and Ispeak company, spent 120 thousand yuan to buy the network attack attack play game case in Shanghai before the date of judgment. Ispeak, vice president of criminal prosecution, sentenced to 6 months in prison.

according to reports, the Shanghai Qin Feng Xi and vice president of the company in February this year, Zou Zhengyong was hired to play "crooked" voice channel implementation of network attacks, resulting in more net 20 server has been severely disrupted, about 30 million users landing failure caused a direct economic loss of 35000 yuan. read more

Yung iunin communication completed $70 million C round of financing

5, today’s corporate communications cloud service providers Yung iunin communication announced the completion of $70 million C round of financing. By the A round investors Sequoia Capital Chinese fund collar vote again, B round of investment capital letter Zhi and international strategic investors with new investment. Yi Kai capital as exclusive financial advisor to the transaction.

for the current round of financing, Ronglian founder Sun Changxun said, will continue to polish cloud communications platform, increase product development and innovation, strengthen the products and technical services on competitive advantage, and actively carry out business extension, the layout of Corporate Communications ecosystem, at the same time, Ronglian also will begin to focus on overseas markets, providing cloud services for global communication enterprise. read more

Statistical application and market analysis

1, the current statistical market layout

can be viewed from two aspects:

< 1> gold family

: Google YAHOO Baidu
statistics statistics statistics

< 2>

1> well-known and mainstream webmaster statistics

: I want | station |51yes| martial arts list |itsun|tongji123

market share is relatively large. I want to | station and 51yes

2> non well-known and non mainstream webmaster statistics

representative: bubble webmaster statistics and so on too many

2, the statistical analysis of the application of read more

H5, it just looks beautiful!

5 is the first contact with the HTML in 2012, and then a come back from the United States "sea turtles" to explore the development of virtual real estate showings channel electronic Loushu, after a lapse of two and a half years, how did not think "H5" actually evolved so crazy. If you don’t find out about the customer, evidence about "H5" can’t for your company’s image on the tall, the mobile phone is ready to share a classic case and the customer, even if "H5" is not the main business of the company. Of course, if there is no WeChat, it is estimated that the appearance of this crazy scene will be pushed for several years. read more

Differential marketing to overcome the disadvantages of the latecomer winners

is a small site, especially the new line of small and medium-sized site after a disadvantage obviously, lack of industry resources, how to avoid weaknesses, accurate positioning, through the implementation of differentiated marketing strategy, to find their own position in the fierce competition in the market environment, it is always the biggest problem confused all website operators.

latecomer disadvantage

days ago, inadvertently read Shanghai Century Publishing Group President Chen Xin published "past" fragments, the memories of 80s beginning at the beginning of the establishment of forest press, through accurate positioning, the implementation of "differentiated marketing strategy, will be the new press after a disadvantage to a minimum, finally successful" breakthrough ", to create a forest press the brand in the domestic industry in the past. read more

Under the line of love business dating dating sites are reborn

content introduction: dating websites are a new

to another more privacy, security and efficiency of the form

in China, marriage is an important business. Unfortunately, this big business in the past, in addition to guerrilla style shops, only a few Internet companies operating marriage business, and most do not make money – until the emergence of the marriage market 020 mode.

"Spring Festival CCTV advertising exposure amount to about 10 million times, there are 1000 telephones in the store, want to join the" Beijing Lily Online Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as lily) chief executive, fan Jiang told the "global entrepreneurs", although its advertising by many young people in the network’s "forced" controversy, however. Since the store, a year of marriage in the spring was spread in the physical store. "Maybe you’re in conflict now, but when it comes to finding someone, you’re still going to be thinking about lily," he said firmly. read more

A network of people do not understand the Internet business opportunities

has an eye to his doctor, and he was absolutely ignorant of network, there is a good idea to build the network platform, to help more patients and related businesses, while providing an opportunity for its own system of organization! Knowing he a lot about the details of the website I think, without a sigh, do the Internet for 6 years, on the website of the thinking and ideas but not his.

he made a lot of "impossible" into "possible"! Can he succeed this time?

Dr. He Wei, President of read more

Ali the input of intelligent home appliances category will take the cat home appliance total sales o


Investment: the smart appliances category will take the cat home appliance total sales of 50%

[TechWeb] April 26th news reports, the Alibaba held the first conference of intelligent home appliances, intelligent home appliances will integrate the resources to Tmall accounted for more than 50% of all home appliances sales.

according to reports, the first Taobao congregation to raise as the "entrance", provides the products listed on the channel for entrepreneurs; and for the enterprise to provide intelligent cloud technology and cloud services; after the listing of products, Taobao, Tmall, with Juhuasuan group’s retail platform to consumers. read more

Amazon Twitter enter the URL shortening small companies to survive worrying

Beijing on April 16th news, according to foreign media reports, recently, Amazon and Twitter have announced the launch of the URL shortening service, the industry believes that this will give small service providers in the future overshadowed.


service has been launched, the background system provided by professional service providers. Abbreviated, the URL in the form "" followed by six letters or numbers.

Twitter chief executive Ivan · Williams also confirmed Wednesday that it will launch its own URL shortening service, but he did not say whether their own development, or the use of professional products. Williams said that the future of Twitter users may not be able to choose other abbreviated service. read more

Amoy to engage in a panic buying businesses can play multiple towing released 4 goods

news October 9th, playing a limited time, limited panic buying "Amoy panic buying" after the National Day launched a new business "rash and too much in haste and pit towing, the main activities of the group in Amoy panic buying a business registration 5 items, in order to boost the Amoy panic buying merchant store drainage and customer price. The service is currently in the testing phase, is expected in early October officially released.

according to the rules, the function is currently only to participate in the acquisition of a single product Amoy rush through the audit of goods. To participate in the purchase of a single product Amoy group (that is, the main pit) in the business after the goods through the audit, you can then submit up to 4 additional products to participate in the Amoy rush activities, and in the specified scene to show. At the same time, towing goods not fatigue calculation period. read more

Experience CPA registration into, really give you

today on QQ, nothing to do, then a live, do a website optimization. Considering how to do.

looked at QQ group, are also very lively. A webmaster friends ` my brother and I will fly – Michiru vented his distress over.

` s brother today opened 51VK fly an alliance to see, last week issued no commissions. The results found that their account password is wrong. Contact customer service, and then tell me whether the password is forgotten or input error.

I want to fly an

` brother – will not make the mistake. So no one group also has a few guys that the password is wrong. There was a guy who said he was kicked out of his mouth. I contacted the customer service, and then he got my ID number to check with me.

The following is a friend read more

Gathered in the micro shop Valentine’s Day promotion, chocolate day sales exceeded other platforms m

with the Spring Festival holiday in 2017 in the past, the Lantern Festival and Valentine’s day each one festival, festival is the most direct hot sellers love promotion opportunity, as the darling of the February 14th storm "Valentine’s Day", is a major electricity supplier to borrow "good time love" promotion.

it is understood that social electricity providers gathered in micro shop early in February 6th had already turned into the promotion mode, launched the 2017 Valentine’s Day special Valentine’s Day Gift Guide "," sweet secret "," bright new dress "," the company is the most long love and sweet special festive feel to choose lovers have difficulty gift gift guide. read more

Interim Measures for the administration of the service behavior of the network commodity transaction

State Administration for Industry and Commerce Order No. forty-ninth

"network behavior of commodity trading and related services" Interim Measures for the administration of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of People’s Republic of China has been reviewed and approved by the working meeting, is hereby promulgated and shall come into force as of July 1, 2010.

director Zhou Bohua


May 31st 2010Interim Measures for the administration of commodity trading and related services in read more

Alibaba is pushing network ten years electronic commerce changes Chinese

1999, e-commerce comes Chinese, Alibaba, 8848 raised e-commerce banner, began preaching the way, E China, excellence, Dangdang website will catch up, fueling the prairie fire electronic commerce.

2009, e-commerce has become an indispensable component in the Internet, affects all aspects of human life, in China, Alibaba, Amazon,, Dangdang, eBay and other sites multiped kingdoms, provide a variety of services for small and medium enterprises and individuals, the market of electronic commerce is put to infinity, and by cutting it infinitely small. read more

Looking at the status quo of the three B2B based on the investigation of the basic elements of B2B w

I did a small survey on the Internet, so that users of the most basic elements of the B2B site, which is more concerned about the elements to vote, the results shown in Figure:

can be seen from the results, users on the B2B web site the most basic elements in three aspects: 1, more value, simple operation; 2, the website is smooth, clear navigation; 3, access speed; 4 pages, beautiful and natural, visual comfort.

a function more simple operation

said many functions, Alibaba have the function of many, HC, and Alibaba have a fight. However, the two sites have a common point is that more features, complex operation, the author in the background of the Alibaba groping for 2 hours, with the operating documentation, only to find out about. The operation is not to say, I was half an hour is not too clear, feeling not in a short time in the brain to form a functional framework, does not have the patience to stay down, turn off the. read more

Electricity supplier War can not be ignored payment bottleneck

– reporter Liu Jianjian

double 11 amazing trading volume behind, accompanied by the emergence of transaction congestion, unable to pay and other issues. In 1 hours before November 11th 1 in the morning, a number of domestic online banking payment link downtime, "not to take" stay up late in the morning let many consumers complain about the panic buying on the internet. Some netizens even said, Alipay’s official website "shopping is coming, the payment must be awesome" is his own petard. read more