From the hall open Fun Hotel opened the offbeat gun room sex business

back in February 14, 2016, the first "Valentine’s Day" the day after the Spring Festival this year, a funny thing happened:

was originally a flight from Hangzhou to Chongqing Hainan Airlines plane, canceled flights, change to the next afternoon. This missing passengers arrange Hotel Hainan Airlines, but the error to the two unmarried girl to arrange a fun Hotel, it will be exposed on the Internet, and drew a heat.

but we are more discussion of HNA nonsense and two girls live funny fun hotel. As mentioned, "taste", you may come to mind the horse, elephant Liu Kenan allison…… These 90 entrepreneurs. However, after the 70 veteran entrepreneurs, chunshuitang founder Lin Degang (nickname "spring uncle") has been around the "lower body" business more than ten years, this time he changed the position – fun hotel. read more

A website content writing text

soft text of the target content is mainly through the soft text to reflect, it is the introduction of goods, establish the image of the consumer goods and promote the role of the purchase. Advertising text has different forms in different media. In print advertising, text to text, said composition in the draft; broadcast advertising, text to narrative language, called script; in television advertising, text to picture language combined with the activities described, called storyboards; in the real advertising, to narrate the text with commercial entities, as an illustration. The main function of the text is to describe and report the information content of the advertisement. read more

The United States imported food NetEase koala shopping platform two started a new round of PK

July, the electricity supplier is still fighting the rest. For the import business top three NetEase and koala sea purchase aftercomprehensiver fighting in beauty, maternal and child two categories, began to import food and health products category on the battle.

July 1st, CEO Chen Ou announced by micro-blog United States independent food channel will soon be on the line. On July 8-10, the NetEase purchased new super koala sea week open, not only to build South Korea noodles special, and to join GREE high, Haruhirai, Jia Le ingot, DHC a wave of Japan and South Korea snack brand line, sea Amoy food wars triggered at any moment. read more

China’s first case because of the different domain name and the fate of different arbitration

D& N domain name firms to understand, with ICANN written Chinese domain in the global domain name server, Chinese right and wrong comments also surfaced, domain name investment market is different. Recently, with the Olympics approaching, the domain name N D& firm researchers also involved with the domain name of the Olympic Games, the "bird’s nest.", "nest." and the "bird’s nest. The domain name dispute case Chinese" (see the award) attracted our attention. read more

Welcome the electricity supplier maternal maternal sale blowout, babe network force

will open with the country "two-child policy", China will usher in the fifth baby boom, a conservative estimate, there will be over 20 million births per year in china. Huge market potential led to the rapid development of the entire maternal and infant industry.

it is understood that the first domestic maternal sale site babe network has been quietly launched in April 16th, and in a low-key operation, just the subordinate meters off the network to get one hundred million B round of financing in the long ago. M folded network co-founder and COO Ke Zunyao revealed that the water to test the mother segments, on the one hand because of the sharp growth in the demand for maternal and child industry, on the other hand, because the main consumer groups of maternal and child products are also changing. read more

More than 70% of China’s media enabled CN domain name

Chinese Internet Association announced in 2007 before the "China media industry Internet brand marketing survey" shows that the application of the proportion of China’s national top-level domain in the media business has more than 70% CN, the domain name has become an important way to implement the media brand marketing and construction.

analysts believe that the face of the Beijing Olympic Games and the two wave of the Internet big opportunities and challenges, the rapid growth in the Chinese media is using the Internet to extend influence, taking the opportunity of the media convergence trend is more obvious. read more

Buy flood safety on the road carefully through the vacuum

network to say what is hot this year? Small Fengjie?? or what Octopus brother ah, is not all, group purchase.

value of seventy more than a dozen pieces of movie tickets, four sets of hot pot consumption of $fifty stalls, a foreign language class to enjoy 7,8 discount. Above, only buy is possible.

2010, buy site has become the hottest Internet concept, the emergence of a large number of buy site. But consumers to buy such a low consumption there is no security risk eNet security channel learned that with the rapid popularization of the network, the number of complaints and risks are increasing. According to the Ministry of Commerce, China International Electronic Commerce Center news, the first group to buy site credit certification, more than and 300 groups of sites have submitted an application, but only about 20 certified credit qualification. read more

The idea that the SEO service is not promising has long been

the previous stage of speculation fiery "dove egg" domain name ( has gradually subsided, the reporter saw, although the domain name is very good, but the site is very general, only to build up a regular blog, mystifying.


egg" is indeed a good name, people also "sejie" gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, because of the hot, causing dove diamond on the egg stir, domain name was registered after the transfer of high, it should be said that if the use of the good domain name to do a jewelry website is no longer suitable enough. However, the buyer is such intention, but their hearts without the power! Just set up a simple website inside, although there are some diamond jewelry and other aspects of the information, but less. Enrich the content of the site is more information about some entertainment gossip. read more

Electricity supplier gangster the industry will continue to collapse the original pricing system in

, including industry heavyweights, including all people say cold, the challenges of winter is probably true. Last weekend, the electricity supplier industry will be sent on behalf of Jingdong, Liu Qiangdong, Eslite mall CEO (micro-blog) CEO (micro-blog) old electricity supplier chiefs have warning, remind the electricity supplier industry of winter has come, the whole industry will face price war, profit ability, difference competition strategy and a series of tests. The vertical channel electricity supplier viability, scale and profit conversion may be a series of industry propositions are considered or will have a subversive answer. read more

2013 American holiday buying frenzy seasonal trend, hot search list

even if the government will go bankrupt, I believe that consumers will be shopping online shopping season. According to the National Federation of retailers predicted that in November 2013 and in December will grow 3.9% compared to 2012, reaching $602 billion 100 million, which is a great opportunity for cross-border electricity supplier.

believes that overseas B2C have already started to experience the smell and taste of the shopping spree, from mid November to start many electricity providers who are facing double performance. read more

To have been in the confusion of the webmaster who a way out

this is my first time in the A5 bubble, many bosses don’t spray. I’m just saying what I went through. Said to myself, feeling since graduated from college is not a success, no matter what it is, just outside people always say just graduated from college, Yangaoshoudi, but after all these years of baptism, I felt a little sober.

why, this is how to start from high school: the network interested in it, or for the high school was particularly interested in computer, but someone asked what specific aspects of their computer, really do not know, so I read a newspaper, slowly let infected, so the "computer" to follow I nearly 4 years, the press attention after the discovery of computer hardware is very good, what the motherboard, graphics card, hard disk, power, memory, CPU, parameters display, price, etc. of the heart that is crystal clear, almost as brand motherboards have to know how much money has become a hardware fancier, so slowly spent a good high school, in the final analysis is particularly grateful to the "computer", because he opened my door. read more

Network Herald inventory of young entrepreneurs entrepreneurial experience and experience

along with the Internet, the ups and downs of the mobile Internet, China’s venture capital industry will rise, and play a huge role in the discovery of capital, value and value of the realization of the role of. Behind the well-known Internet Co, active angel investors and venture capital institutions figure. They are not mysterious.

from the beginning of this period, the network will herald a series of reports in order to form, to entrepreneurs and angel / risk investor clues, each link depth interpretation of investment, and show their wonderful views. read more

An entrepreneur’s capital lesson Cao Kai, founder of Seventh Avenue

The new company

Cao Kai Shenzhen Qifan Network Co. Ltd. in Shenzhen Nanshan EVOC building, and here he founded the Seventh Avenue office only 330 meters away, but now the seventh avenue is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sohu to swim, because before the beginning of May of this year Seventh Avenue second materials submitted to NASDAQ the founder of the 80, chose to sell the shares left.

The founder of

declined in the NASDAQ bell temptation and choose to leave is not common, for this happened in 7 months ago in the middle of the game, the industry vary, there is news that Cao Kai is leaving because unable to complete the tour with a performance on gambling; also there is a saying that the seventh Avenue management intervention too much, Cao left angrily there are rumors; Seventh Avenue between several founders of infighting is the reason for the final run away. read more

Do GOOGLE monthly income of ten thousand RMB tips exchange

      GOOGLE RMB may do a monthly income of ten thousand Union until now many MJJ don’t believe

      expert, always hiding in the corner of the amount of money.

statement, I am not an expert.

      the first prerequisite for making money (other people’s article) I cite this MJJ for

      1, in certain segments leading website

      such sites can be seen as occupying a niche market. The pool is not big, but the fish is not small, because there is only a big fish in the pool. Is this your website? If you can easily find similar sites and your site, then it is difficult to rely on Adsense to make a lot of money. Have a good site, in order to have a considerable income. read more

Google makes me happy Baidu let me worry

today to open the Google AdSense account, oh yeah, November revenue soon start with $161.05, although this little money on the station! See disdain, but the relative majority of grassroots webmaster should not a small figure, not to mention the need for my family on such a loose alliance of less than IP small station 1000.


does not eliminate the joy I Baidu sorrow, but now, Baidu alliance has almost eight months, the site at least half of the advertising contribution to Baidu, but for eight months, Baidu union account in the amount of only 123.61 yuan a day, sometimes click on Baidu the amount of advertising is not Google ads. read more

TOM plans to reduce the proportion of SP business through acquisitions

  since September 11th, Baidu to improve the competitive ranking business: the introduction of the comprehensive ranking index". Baidu sources said, in addition to the price of the customer site in addition to the price factor, but also look at the quality index of its purchase keywords. According to reports, the keyword quality index will be based on the frequency of this keyword was hit in the past, with the main business of the business, as well as the degree of recognition of the Internet users to calculate. Quality index and price multiplied, the last comprehensive ranking index". At the same time, the level of Web site is also considered as a factor. "A large site, even if the price is slightly lower, may also be smaller than a small site ranking." read more